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 Spring Hill Physical Therapy contributes to community wellness by recognizing body, mind, and spirit in the people we treat.  Our highly skilled team facilitates the optimal health of each client, integrating traditional and complementary treatment methods in a welcoming and compassionate environment.

Is Pilates Right For Me?

Just about anyone and everyone can practice Pilates. Many experts and health professionals describe it as “the perfect exercise system.” It is great choice for:

  • Athletes
  • People who need rehabilitation for muscle and joint injuries
  • People with poor posture, chronic tension, and fatigue
  • Anyone who wants to practice a non-impact strengthening and stretching program

What Can Pilates Do For Me And My Body?

Is Pilates Right For Me?Traditional methods of training and developing the body tend to produce short, bulky muscles—precisely the type of musculature most prone to injury. Pilates elongates the spine, increasing the elasticity of muscles and the flexibility of joints. This balance between strength and flexibility drastically reduces the risks of injury. Pilates emphasizes flowing movements requiring the simultaneous use of multiple muscle groups. Controlled breathing and concentration are essential, truly making Pilates a workout for the body and the mind. It avoids the tendency of many exercise forms to emphasize the already-strong muscles and to neglect those which are weaker. In this way Pilates can help your body regain efficient patterns of motion—a great benefit to those recovering from injury, professional athletes and performers, or anyone seeking good posture and optimal health. Consistent Pilates training will:

  • Build longer, leaner muscles
  • Increase flexibility, body awareness, and concentration
  • Improve posture, coordination, and balance
  • Decrease incidence of back pain
  • Help prevent injury
  • Create a flatter stomach and trimmer waist
  • Improve performance in sports
  • Elongate and stabilize the spine
  • Increase joint mobility
  • Maintain strength and function at any age

What Should I Look For In A Pilates Instructor?

Pilates Instructors, Grass Valley, CABased on the guidelines of the Pilates Method Alliance™, qualified Pilates instructors should have successfully completed a comprehensive training program that includes a written and practical test, lecture time, observation, practice, and at least 400 apprentice hours. The Pilates Method is a knowledge-based method of exercise and training; there is simply no substitute for time spent in certification training. (Learn more about our instructors [link to instructors page].) It may also be helpful to ask the following questions:

  1. Do the instructors have any other movement-related teaching experience?
  2. How long have the instructors been teaching Pilates?
  3. What is the instructor's/studio's philosophy and specialty? Are they able to handle special needs, injuries, and rehabilitation?
  4. Does the instructor or studio teach the full repertoire of Pilates on all pieces of apparatus?


"I will miss my therapist.  She was very special and helped me get out of pain."

- Barbara F.

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Pilates Testimonials

“The six months of Pilates I have done has been more help to me than three years of previous physical therapy. I am stronger, fitter, more aware of my body and how it moves in space, and more willing to keep up a program at home. The staff is skilled, highly knowledgeable, personable, and motivating. Pilates is a program I will use for the rest of my life.”
--Laurel DeTar

“There’s just no way around it; Stillpoint Pilates is the best! I learned about the Pilates exercises from my equestrian background. Core stability is essential to good riding, especially in dressage. Having been exposed to some of the exercises in a series of classes in Penn Valley, I hooked up with Stillpoint to broaden my scope. I was amazed at the difference! Because their instructors are licensed physical therapists, they can adjust the exercises to deal with all my physical shortcomings. Not only has my riding improved, but I’m also sure the muscle toning I’ve acquired has “saved my neck” on several occasions when I’ve taken a misstep.”
--Betsy Wobus, M.D.

“I really can’t say enough about the long lasting effects that the Pilates classes have had for me. I have had a number of back injuries, including cervical disk protrusion and a fractured thoracic spine, and have had quite a bit of on-and-off chronic pain due to multiple injuries. Pilates has taught me to carry myself in a completely new way, using my abdominal musculature to decrease the stress on my low back and on my neck as well. I love the way my body feels with my new posture and notice that it has even improved my equestrian sports, including jumping horses. I look forward to my next Pilates class and in the meantime will continue to enjoy the long lasting results for myself and continue to refer my patients to you. Thank you so much for this wonderful new knowledge.”
--Linda Foshagen, D.O

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