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 Spring Hill Physical Therapy contributes to community wellness by recognizing body, mind, and spirit in the people we treat.  Our highly skilled team facilitates the optimal health of each client, integrating traditional and complementary treatment methods in a welcoming and compassionate environment.


What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a major stress reducer and promotes relaxation. It also helps get restful sleep in addition to increasing and improving circulation.  It helps over all body functions and organs.  It also helps the body repair itself and eliminates pain and injuries.  Reflexology is amazing!!


Meet the Reflexologist!


Michele McIntyre is a certified reflexologist.  She graduated from The American Academy of Reflexology in Santa Monica, California at the top of her class.Reflexology is the science and art of using specific touch techniques on the hands, feet, and ears, guided by reflex maps that resemble the shape of the human body.  Michele is motivated by her lifelong interest in holistic approaches to healthy living and is devoted to helping people lead happy lives free of pain. In addition to taking further training to stay on top of the latest advances in her field, Michele enjoys her free time with yoga, jewelry-making, painting, and outdoor activities.


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"I really appreciated your approach of starting gently but still obtaining results.  I am continuing the exercises & still seeing greater results.  I will definitely return if I need to."

- Sheree T.

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